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As outlined in the Bill of Rights within the Constitution of the United States of America, MMTV strives to adhere to freedom of expression. As a public forum MMTV is available to all Melrose residents for noncommercial, constitutionally protected speech on a nondiscriminatory basis. Such speech is subject only to reasonable time, place and manner requirements as defined by MMTV programming policies. Questions or concerns can be directed to the Executive Director and staff members.

Did You Know?
Due to the 1984 Cable Franchise Policy and Communications Act authored by Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, US cable companies are required to fund local organizations to provide training and access to media technology and cable distribution on the local cable systems. This legislation was intended to enrich communities with the opportunity to produce community programming and address local issues and concerns on the electronic medium. Public access television is one type of PEG access, short for Public, Educational, and Governmental, the three traditional structures within a municipality television network.
Fred Friendly

Fred Friendly was a key figure in the founding of public television through his work with The Ford Foundation.
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