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I have no experience with cameras or video equipment. Can I still participate?

Yes! Our professional staff trains all new members on how to operate equipment and create their own programming. Whether you just want make your own show, short movie, or help out on someone elses production we can help you learn the ropes. No matter what your age, it is never too late or too early because volunteerism is what drives MMTV!

Can I post a message on the bulletin board?

Fill out a bulletin board form and submit it to MMTV by fax, mail, or drop it off for approval. Please keep in mind you must be a certified non-profit organization to utilize our bulletin board at no cost, but a small fee may apply for use by non-members at the discresion of the Executive Director.

How can you broadcast a program like that?

The beauty of our nation is the freedom of expression. Whether we as citizens agree with it or not, MMTV is a public forum that allows for individuals to share their views on any number of matters with almost no restrictions on content. Clearly there are some restrictions pertaining to the law in regards to violence, libel, and other broadcast issues, but for the most part people are free to express themselves and share it with the Melrose community, subjet to limited MMTV programming policies.

Can I obtain a copy of a program I saw aired on one of your channels?

DVD copies are availble for twenty dollars each in cash or a check made payable to MMTV. Please contact the station and we can get that into production for you.

I have a show that a friend or colleague produced in another town. Can I put it on the air in Melrose?

Yes. Dues paying members of MMTV are allowed to sponsor programming produced from outside the city so it can air on the Melrose network. Please see the Executive Director for more details.

What are the channels you broadcast on?

Channels 3, 15, and 22 on the Comcast Network. Channels 37, 38, and 39 on the Verizon Network.


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