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There are always opportunities to assist on shows at Melrose Television, even if you just want to get your feet wet or see what it's like to work in television production. To the right you can read brief descriptions about the most important roles that are required to produce a television program, but also remember there are other more specialized roles that need to be filled for larger scale productions such as sound design, lighting, floor directing, and associate producing!

If you want to put together a show at Melrose Television and need help filling out a cast or crew, let us know and we can offer suggestions and assist you. Remember, we have many shows where one or two people produce the entire piece themselves so you do not have to fill out every single role if you can do it all yourself! If you or someone you know has an interest in video and television production, is looking for a new hobby, an afterschool activity, or interest in short movies and films get them in touch with us. At Melrose Television, imagination is the limit!  


What Roles Are There?

Producer - The role of a producer is to control all aspects of production, ranging from show idea development and casting to shoot supervision and fact-checking. It is often the producer who is responsible for the show's overall quality, though the roles depend on the particular show.

Director - A director is responsible for directing the actors and other filmed aspects of a television production. His role differs from that of a film director because the major creative control will likely belong to the producer. In general, the actors and other regular artists on a show will be familiar enough with their roles that the director's input will be confined to technical issues.

Editor - The editor works in tandem with the director in editing the video that has been shot. The producer has the ultimate accountability for editing choices, but often the editor has substantial contribution in the creative decisions concerned in piecing together a finalized product.

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